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Why do we use it?

Your website acts as the gateway link to placing online orders.

  • We also offer the options of using the store front as your main website or we can create a website for your restaurant.
  • The eCommerce shopping cart is customized to match your restaurant's brand, with colors, graphics, logos and style details.
  • Successful mobile conversion service through iOS and Android to allow customers to order from your restaurant on their phone.
  • Mobile website version is formatted to look perfect on any sized tablet or smart phone.

A website that is optimized to take mobile orders is a smart investment in a fast-growing market.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Order up is designed to help restaurants increase their efficiency and accuracy when taking and processing orders.
► Advanced technology is in place to secure customer data. We are 100% PCI compliant.
► All information obtained is encrypted and protected.
► State of the art hosting and SSL encryption service.
► 99.9% uptime with monitoring, daily full system backup, redundancies and fall-overs.
► 24/7/365 support when ever you are in need.
► Continuous upgrades, fixes and maintenance at no additional charge to make sure Order Up is running smoothly.

A modern eCommerce platform that is encrypted, backed up and monitored.

Cellular service sold separate for the MBR3

  • No Transaction Fee per order/per wired fax
  • Customize Your Online Ordering Design
  • Mobile Devise Functionality & Checkout Technology
  • Email Marketing & Self-Generating Customer Database
  • Setup & Training / Regular Consultations
  • Receive Unlimited Orders
  • Use a Custom Domain Name or Sub domains
  • Receive Orders By Email, Wired Fax, eFax, Bridge Router Service Web, or WIFI Kitchen Printer, Ethernet Printer or *POS Integration
  • Order Notification through Phone, Text Message or Email
  • Online Restaurant Web Manager
  • Unlimited Menu Items
  • Store Open Close clock for all store
  • Credit Card Processing Payment Integration with WorldPay
  • System Maintenance and Monitoring 24 x 365 Days
  • Secure Web Hosting SSI SNI Certified with Worldpay SecureNet
    No charge gateway service Worldpay Securenet
    Custom template design and creation Technical support and custom programming
    Professional plated photography for available