What if your Magento eCommerce server goes down

Loosing money? dissatisfied customers? frustrated with your service? lost orders? How long will it take before you get your system back up and running? You can be down weeks !!!

Let me tell you about our Magento High ailability eCommerce servers We run many servers clustered together to act as one system providing 99.999 percent up-time. Should any of our servers in our cluster fail your customer continues to operate entering their food order. Our staff is immediately notified and the failed server is quickly replaced without disruption to your restaurant operation. We provide you with many Dell servers with the latest cluster technology to keep your restaurant up and running. We maintain a full house uninterrupted power supply with a V8 diesel generator ensuring continued and safe operations.

Dynamic load balancing.

Without dynamic load balancing and a high volume of orders on a single server, it can take many minutes to process and complete your food order. In short, the restaurant patron will experience a gummy response, session time outs, and long period of time to process their food order. Your customer may not come back or possibly even post adverse comments about their service experience on your eCommerce site. With our Dynamic load balancing software and the latest VMware virtual server technology we offer your visiting customer a prompt and pleasant order experience.

We scale and build our systems based on peak load times. Ensuring a prompt and pleasant order experience for your eCommerce patrons. There is no additional charge for our High Availability, Dynamic load balancing service. Does your ISP employ Dynamic load service?

Our service is built on the following software platforms